We The People

It not yet the Fourth of July but anytime is a good time to show your patriotic side with a We The People AR 15. This weeks project is our standard $500 AR package with a 2 color and stencil Cerakote artwork. The total cost for this AR 15 is $720.00 and can be purchased from us directly or come by and see us at the Melbourne Gun Show or if you have your own firearm it will be $220.00 for the complete job.


We custom mixed both colors so you won’t find this shade sitting on everyone’s shelves. The pattern is a tattered American flag spanning the entire length of the firearm. 


On the right side across the lower receiver and down on to the magazine is the phrase “We The People“.  The magazine, sock and grip all have been incorporated into the theme to complete the package.


If you like what you see here please post your comments below, we be glad to hear from you.

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