Smith and Wesson Model 36 .38 Special

In this project

We went trolling our local pawn shops for a restorable candidate and today we found a S&W Model 36 that was in pretty bad shape.

The Smith & Wesson Model 36 is a revolver chambered for .38 Special. It is one of several models of “J-frame” Smith & Wesson revolvers. It was introduced in 1950, and is still in production today. With the Model 36, Smith & Wesson sought to design a revolver that could fire the more powerful .38 Special round in a small, concealable package.

Our project firearm as you can see is rough to say the least. lots of rust, pitting of the side cover and all around the S&W stamped logo.

Rusted Model 36 J frame


Here is our parts bin during the breakdown , the pitting on the side cover is now visible.


J Frame left side


The completed project

Once we completed the full breakdown, repair of surfaces, degrease, gas-off, spraying and baking we have the end product. I Cerakoted the S&W Model 36 in Stainless Steel grey and accented it by doing the release, hammer, trigger and ejector in Burnt Bronze.

I refinished the grips in Walnut and a little Tru Oil. 


Cerakoted S&W Model 36


This is what happens when your wife likes a firearm you have refinished. She said that would look really good in my purse if it had a set of pearl handles put on it. Thirty seconds on Ebay and I have a very old set of NIB grips on the way and she is now using this at the range every week. Sometimes you have to give back to your partner for allowing you to plunder the family wealth on hobbies.


Cerakoted S&W Model 36 with pearl grips

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