PSA and SpringField Matching Cerakote Skulls

Start out with a great AR15 Deal

Sometimes the stars align and when they do you can score big.

I have been putting off an AR 15 purchase waiting for a good low cost lower to come through our local gun show for quite some time. My plan was to build one from the ground up using standard off the shelf part so I could get a good feel for what parts have to be smithed into place and what not. Well since I get all the gun spam one can possibly endure, one Palmetto State Armory email caught my eye. Big Weekend Deal (several weekends actually), get a PSA AR 15 all Magpol dressed out  and a  SpringField XDs 45 cal for $800 bucks. How could you pass up a deal like that! They just about gave me the SpringField .45 Cal for buying a base AR15 and I couldn’t pass that up. This was going to make a great pistol and rifle combo to do a stenciling theme with.


Time to get Graphic

Now you didn’t think this post was about a good gun deal did ya? Nope, it’s about Cerakoting so let’s talk shop. This package deal makes a great combo design where you can carry your theme between the two firearms. In our case we are going with skulls in two tone and a mix spray of Graphite and Cobalt black!

I received my boxes from my local FFL dealer about three weeks after I order it.





Our Firearms Included:

(1) PSA 16″ Midlength MOE Freedom Rifle 
         – PSA MOE Freedom Rifle comes with (1) 30rd PMAG Magazine (where allowed by law) and Gun Lock

  • 16″ Barrel Length
  • 5.56 NATO Chamber
  • 1 in 7″ twist 
  • 4150V Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel 
  • MOE Furniture
  • Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum Upper & Lower Receiver

(1) Springfield Armory Pistol XDS 45 3.3″ Black Essentials 
         – XDS Essentials Package comes with (2) magazines in the gun box

 Extra Gear Package Includes:

(2) Additional 7 Round Springfield XDS Magazines w/ Black Sleeve (Ships with Rifle)
(2) Additional 6 Round Springfield XDS Magazine w/ Black Sleeve (Ships with Rifle)
(1) Springfield XDS Double Magazine Pouch (Ships with Rifle)
(1) XDS Right Handed Paddle Holster (Ships with Rifle)
(1) Notebook Pistol Case (Ships with Rifle)


The Break Down

First this first, I must fully breakdown each firearm to their parts. I do not cerakote springs, sears, contact points on hammers or triggers as this may cause loss of spring dexterity or improper operation of triggers. For this reason I must tear down the firearm removing all parts that are not being coated.

AR 15 breakdown



 Spray and Bake

After we degrease all parts and gas-off the solvents we are ready to lay down some coating, start stenciling and bake these firearms.


Reassembly time

One of the nice things about AR’s is how easy they come apart, they also go back together just as easily. I had this back together in just under 20 minutes from a bin of parts and just my memory.  


The Finished Product

I added a StrikeFire Red Dot optic and of course we had to do a little cerakote to that as well. I coated the mount, white out the mounting screws and added a “Punisher Skull” in Ghost White Cerakote on the top of the mount.  


The overall color is a spray mix or two different blacks (Graphite and Cobalt) with Ghost White and Desert Sand overlapping skull patterns. I also added an American Flag to the dust cover for that little extra added patortitizem.


Both firearms entered my shop on Saturday morning as fully assembled and shooting weapons. I know this because as a standing rule I do not cerakote NIB (New In Box) firearms as they are very tight fitting and Cerakote will just make them tighter. So I will take a NIB to the range and dump 200 rounds through it first to get it a little bit broken in before starting a project. These were definitely NIB firearms so off to the range they went. Both firearms operated flawlessly out of the box with zero jams or misfires, and pretty accurate to boot. But I digress…. Both firearms entered the shop in the morning and both came out the same day (more like that night) fully reassembled and ready for range testing. I will need to sight in the optic and pump another 200 rounds through them to get them all worked in and ready for regular use.


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