Predator Grey Scale Camo AR 15 chambered in 7.62×39

Our coating project this round is a grayscale version of the Predator Stencil Set. We custom blended several of the color layers to make this an one off original AR 15. To add to the effects we included a RedDot sight, micro LED light and side mounted backup sights, each mount is coated with the base black.

The base coat is a custom color mix using Armor and Graphite black. We followed up with 3 more color layers using BattleShip Grey, Smith and Wesson Grey and a custom mix of Sniper and Combat Grey as our final coat.



The barrel, flash arrestor and all the pins and controls have the base color applied and the magazine has the theme incorporated in to it making this a true work of art!



This uses our base $500 AR 15 chambered in 7.62×39 (AK 47 Round) and has some extra gear valued at $98.00. We have four color layers applied at our standard cost of $90.00 per color and the Predator stencil fee.

The total out the door cost for this AR 15 $992.00
Stencil pattern – $34.00
4 color layers – $360.00
AR 15 – $500.00 
Extra Gear – $98.00


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