Predator AR15

This week’s build is a Predator AR in Bengal Tiger at Night Camo. We started out with a FEDARMS FR15 with a 10″ floating rail. The barrel has a 8:1 twist and is chromed lined and included in the build is a standard 30 round PMag.

This build takes 4 cerakote color layers to complete. Each coat has to be oven cured before moving on with the stenciling and follow up coats.

  1. Desert Gold
  2. Desert Sand
  3. OD Green
  4. Sniper Grey


After laying down the first layer of Desert Gold we used a honeycomb mess during the second color adding a texture into each of the stripes onec the stencils are placed.


During the stenciling the AR15 is lightly reassembled so that the stencils can be placed across multiple parts allowing for a seamless look to each of the tiger stripes. What you end up with is a very well defined set of stripes that wrap around the AR15.


This firearm is available as one of our $500 AR15 promotions, each layer is current $90 flat rate and the stencil fee is $16. That make the grand total for this AR15 $876.00. If your interested in purchasing this AR15 please reach out to or visit us at Melbourne Gun Show.


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