Matrix AR 10 Recoating


Matrix AR 10


This job is a recoating of Burnt Bronze after a botched assembly left the firearm marred up pretty bad. This job will require the AR10 to be full stripped down to its components, cleaned and coated before being reassembled.


The Damage

The gas block was hammered pretty hard.

The roll pin was hammered into place with a screwdriver from the looks of it.

Both sides were marred up pretty good.

Then we had a few blemishes to clean up.


The owner of this AR10 said that a local Tactical Shop assembled this firearm for him from parts purchased across the Internet. He reports that the shop returned his AR10 in this condition after assembly. We will not post the shop name as we can not confirm the reports.

The Break Down

 During the break down of the AR10 we found an issue that is surprisingly not that uncommon in the AR build world. While breaking down the firearm we noticed a light hammer strike when testing the trigger group.


This is how the hammer looked after we pulled the hammer out of the firearm. The spring is backwards and is being hyper extended when engaged. 

We reversed the spring so that in properly installed and will provide nice hard hammer strikes. 

Little things like this will cause you issues at the range with light primer strikes and jams due to rounds not firing.


Shake and Bake

The AR10 is striped down and media blasted to remove all the old cerakote and to prep the AR10 for a new coating. A full degreasing is done prior to any coatings applied.

Then the pieces get sprayed and baked.


Reassembly Complete

Once baked we can assemble the firearm back to a working AR10. We will deploy roll pin punches and a light touch to prevent any marring of the firearm.


For $90.00 recoating fee the customer now has really nice AR10 ready for the range.  

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