KOA Gets A 30 Watt Fiber Laser System

Back in December 2018 KOA made a capital investment in the business when purchasing a new 30 watt fiber laser system to engrave serial numbers on their line of AR and 1911 products.

Laser comes created in a box directly from Hong Kong. Our team had to uncrate it and assemble the laser before we could start using it.

Anytime a new toy comes into the shop the boys quickly gravitate to it. They want to see what it’s all about and what it can do. They quickly found out that a degree in computer engineering and CAD was needed to operate the laser beyond just basic words and numbers.

If you want to engrave then your gonna need to know some CAD and basic digital graphic art. You will need to know how to convert images to vector graphics and how to import vectors into CAD to create files needed for laser to be able to engrave for you.

Each pistol or rifle will have a map area to be stippled by the laser. This means that a large library of CAD file will need to be developed to supply a variety of options to the customers. Our gun store now has a staffed computer engineer that operates several computers to manipulate images, produce different variations of products to please the customers and to operate the laser systems.

Here is our engineer working on a AR-15 hand grip skull design.

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