KOA is building 1911 from scratch

Kote Of Arms, LLC first run of 1911 70 series has been a work in progress over the last year. Mr. Anderson Sr. has spent the better part of 2018 preparing the shop and tooling needed to manufacture some really awesome 1911s. In December we crafted our first production 1911, the MOD 1 TACTICAL is an aluminium lower frame married to a stainless steel slide. We spared no expense, making sure we packed this firearm with all the Ed Brown, Kimber and Dan Wesson parts it could hold and followed it up with a set of Tru Glo sights. Cerakoted in Storm-tropper White and Gold flake, this 1911 really pops!



If you’re looking for a world class 1911 Government and don’t want the same thing everyone else has then give us a shout! We will be glad to hand build you your very own firearm.

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