Kimber Custom 2 Cerakote in Bronze and Coppers

Kimber Custom 2 Cerakote Project


Kimber Custom 2


This is a picture of a standard Kimber 2, very similar to the one we are working on for today’s project.

In this project we will break down the Kimber 45 caliber pistol and apply a Burnt Bronze accents and a custom in house mix Copper Cerakote we coined “Baked Copper”. We will finish off the project with a new set of ValKrim Honeycomb Grips and a shadow stencil of Thor’s Hammer.  






Let’s have a look at the coatings

If you look closely you will see the Thor’s Hammer in Burnt Bronze on the muzzle of the firearm which is followed across on both sides of the firearm.

Thors Hammer






Issues With Grip Screws

Kimber Copper


During the reassembly of the Kimber we ran into some issues. I have dissembled many 1911 firearms but this was the first NIB disassembly that has gone this way for us. The original grip screws looks to have been cross threaded at the factory so all 4 screw bushings and screws had to be forcibly removed and in one instance I had to drill the head off. Kimber!! WTF? I would of expected much more from this Yonkers NY. based company. As you can see from the picture it ruined a perfectly strait allen wrench. I have since ordered a new set of bushings and screws from a 3rd party that fits the projects colors.







The End Product

We are still waiting on the screws to arrive to the shop to complete the install of our grips but the job of cerakoting is completed and we have also polished and completed a trigger job so that we have  a really nice looking weapon that functions like swiss watch.

Kimber Custom 2

Kimber Custom 2

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