Gun Store

Our Gun Store and Manufacturing Center


Come visit our store, Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm. Right on Dow road at 4250 Dow Rd Suite 309.

As a Federally Licensed Firearm Manufacturer, we build what we shoot! We have a line of custom cerakoted AR rifles and pistols to choose from. Come build your own rifle or pistol and save huge on the cost of owning the american dream. For the beginners, our friendly husband and wife team will guide you through the process, making sure you get the most bang for your buck.

We also carry a selection of new and used pistols, surplus firearms, LEO trade-ins and at down right awesome deals.

If you are looking for for AR-9, 10, 15 , 45 or 410 firearms, parts and supplies then you need to visit our store first. The Andersons are wheeling and dealing and just raring to service your next build needs, word gets around.

We are Brevard’s cheapest FFL transfer location at just $20.00 out the door you will get the transfer fees and NICS background check completed. We will call the same day we receive the firearms so they don’t sit around waiting for processing.

Did we mention we cerakote? 

Bring us your firearm and $90.00 and get your firearm back in (typically) less than 1 week with any single color you want. Want multi colors? No problem, it will be $180.00 for 2 or more colors. If you are getting multiple colors we even toss in any stencils we have in stock for free! 

We guarantee we are the best Cerakote value going in Brevard County Florida!


We carry a wide selection of AR parts and accessories are prices you won’t believe. Don’t get cheated by those big box stores, get the real goods and by knowledgeable staff who use what they sell.