Cerakote S & S Air Cleaner for Harley Davidson Street Glide

Cerakote Harley Davidson Parts

Today my project is a fairly easy one. I am going to start to take off old dull and worn parts on my Harley Davidson Street Glide and give them new life. The first on the list will be a leaking front brake reservoir lid and the aftermarket S & S Super air cleaner.

Cerakote S & S Air Cleaner

Project Highlights

I removed the cleaner from the bike and did a full degreasing scrub on it to get off most of the heavy oils. The cleaner is chromed which tends to be pretty hard. We have to scratch up the surface with blasting material (Aluminum Oxide) so that the cerakote has something to hold on to. After blasting I gave it a long soak in acetone before baking off the acetone and prepping for application of the cerakote. I am using Graphite Black cerakote in a satin which very closely matches Harley’s Denim Black that my Street Glide came in.


Along with the cleaner I did the cleaner screws and the brake reservoir lid (not shown) to complete the day’s work. After baking and some time to cool we put the pieces back on the Harley Davidson Street Glide.

Harley Davidson Parts


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