ArmsList Sellers – Check Scammers using our name and company info.

Dear Armslist sellers,

There is a dirt bag out there using Kote Of Arms license info and the owners name Shannon Anderson to perpetrate a check scam. This in no way is a part of Kote of Arms or Shannon Anderson. Our official email will always come from and never, never from a gmail account.

Our office phone numbers are posted so you can call us to confirm any activity at anytime.

The Scammers will email you that they are buying your gun as priced and to please take down ad ASAP. They then send you several emails to cloudy up the water a bit leaving you kinda in odd state. Then they come back with some reason why their accountant sent you 2 different payments in one check . They want you to cash the check and send them the difference.

Don’t Bloody Do It!!

Here is a typical email chain from them.

Hello David, how are you? I was just notified by my Account Officer that the amount on the check that was mailed out to you was   $3000 due to a mistake made by him, who authorized the payment out to you.

My Secretary was supposed to provide the account officer with adequate information in respect of the purchase because he is also handling the payment of my delivery personnel( Agent) who will deliver my other valuable items to my location…..

The Account Officer was suppose to issue out 2 checks,one for you and the other check for my Delivery Agent

I believe that I have your trust and honest as regard the extra amount on the payment mail out to you….Once the check clears in your bank,you will deduct your total amount for the Gun, the shipping fee plus the dealer transfer fee and I will make arrangement on how to get the remaining fund because the rest fund was meant for the payment of the delivery agent who will be delivery my new house furniture’s and other valuables ..

Warm Regard..

The guy uses an email ending in and changes it regularly but he seems to use the same cell number (321) 414-5622. 

Do not do any business with this person, he has no affiliation with Kote of Arms and is defiantly not Shannon Anderson!

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